COVID-19: A Message to Our Community

Thank you to everyone who is putting health and safety above all else during this challenging time. While we have closed our showroom to the public, we remain committed to providing you with any services or products you need to maintain your safety and comfort. We Northerners are resourceful and creative people and together we’ll find a solution that works for you without compromising the safety of our staff or your household. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can help, and stay safe.

John O’Rourke
Principle & Lead Designer
The Brownstone Kitchen and Bath Design Gallery

Key Talent

John O'Rourke

Lead Designer

Imagine how well you would understand Kitchen and Bath design if that was your passion for over 30 years. Well you don’t have to. Harness the power of John O’Rourke.

Judy O'Rourke


Judy is the glue that brings together all the planning, coordinating and team members needed to make our client’s vision a reality. They make it look perfect. Judy makes it look easy.


Colour Design

You can’t underestimate the importance colour plays in your kitchen or bathroom design. That’s why we have our own specialist. And why you need to contact us today.


Lead Installer

Even the best design won’t translate without a quality, hands on installation. Meet Marcel.

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Why Us?

Strictly Kitchen & Bath

We don’t sell drywall, power tools or windshield washer fluid. Kitchens and bathrooms are all we do. We’re a home grown, community oriented company with extensive design experience and top-notch, local installation talent. Our passion is listening to your vision and making it happen, right down to the smallest detail. We use advanced design software that speaks directly to our fabrication hardware so nothing is lost in translation and you get the quality, custom results you expect. Want to learn more? Contact us today.

DIY Brownstone

That’s right. Brownstone quality and style for the do-it yourselfer. DIY isn’t for everyone, but for those of you who appreciate quality design and custom manufacturing but like to be hands on, we offer DIY Brownstone. We’ll take you through the same customer-centric design process we do with all our clients, and provide the same meticulous fabrication. Then we’ll set you up with the knowledge and tips you need to take your new kitchen or bathroom over the finish line, with your own bare hands!


You have style, discerning tastes, and you know what you want. It all starts with your vision. We won’t just pretend to listen to you and then come back with the same old cookie-cutter design. We’ll channel your dreams and design the complete kitchen or bathroom you want. And we think of everything – from small functional touches that make your life easier, to structural and architectural considerations that make all the difference. Trust The Brownstone with your vision and you won’t be disappointed.

“We, to this day, remember the WOW factor when the kitchen proposal was presented.”

- Jennifer and Patrick

“John’s support did not stop once the product was delivered.”

- Vicky and Bill Boake

“… everything is flawless!“

- Sylvie and Damien

“It is not only supporting the local economy, it is also peace of mind having product support”

- Jeff

“When we first walked into The Brownstone showroom John gave us an excellent tutorial.”

- Joanne and John Borlase
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Helpful Tips

1. Getting Started

You might not know exactly what it is you are looking for. Sometimes it can help if you start with more superficial details – developing a feel for what appeals to you and things you would like to see can be a great place to start.

  • Look through magazines and cut out any pictures of kitchens or bathrooms you enjoy
  • Decide whether your new kitchen or bathroom will be part of a design or colour scheme that extends throughout your home.
  • If you have friends or family with particularly appealing kitchens or bathrooms, take photos that can be used as reference.

2. Develop Your Plan

Before we begin the process, consider your current space, prioritize the things that are most important to you. Consider the following questions:

  • What would you most like to change about your kitchen/bathroom?
  • Do you require additional storage space in your current space?
  • Do require additional counter space and/or shelving?
  • How much additional space could you realistically accommodate?
  • Are you happy with your appliances and fixtures?
  • Who will be using the kitchen/bathroom most, and how many at a time?

3. Develop Your Wish List

Once you have your plan together, develop a wish list to share with the team at The Brownstone. This list can form the basis of your new kitchen or bathroom and our designers will work closely with you, offering professional experience and developing the best possible solutions. Remember, your re-design might not be limited to counters and cabinets. You might also need to make space for bigger appliances, additional storage, new lighting and electrical fixtures and more.

Our Quality Partners

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The Brownstone is proud to be a involved with a variety of organizations doing good things in our community.

North Bay Food Bank
North Bay & District Home Builders' Association
Habitat for Humanity
National Kitchen & Bath Association

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